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Stalks of Wheat
Sunrise over the Wheat Field


About CHM




On September 4, 2013 the man of GOD had a dream and prayed for interpretation. Pastor Marlon Jackson perceived that GOD had called him and his wife to Pastor and start Commanded Harvest Ministries from their living room. Pastor Marlon Jackson is a powerfully anointed prolific teacher of the Word of GOD; who presents the Word in a translucent manner catapulting souls from brokenness to wholeness.



We at CHM pray that the grace of GOD anoints you a fresh and that the Holy Spirit reveals HIS mysteries to you through the Word as you read and study. May you communicate your testimony effectively to others with a contagious unwavering faith that JESUS lives and that HE has overcome the world for us.


Furthermore, my wife and I pray that your life will never be the same after receiving JESUS CHRIST as your LORD and Savior. We also send the Word to your home where the Spirit of GOD may reside offering peace that God has promised to all who follow Him. We pronounce the blessings of honor over your marriage and your children. For your family life, ministry and mission we command the harvest now!


As we have prayed for you and your family the same is required of you for your lives. Also remember you don’t always feel like working out nor do you instantly receive results but you continue because you believe. So pray without ceasing because prayer works if you believe and it’s the Word! Thank you for your love and support as it is so appreciated.


-Pastor Marlon & Co-Pastor Shimica Jackson

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