Foggy Forest

Co-Pastor Shimica Jackson






Co-Pastor Shimica Jackson of Commanded Harvest Ministries in Richmond, Virginia is a daughter, wife, mother and a woman of integrity, grace, distinction and excellence. She preaches and teaches the Word of God under a prophetic anointing mostly on order, correction, forgiveness, love, encouragement and the power of agreement. Co-Pastor Shimica Jackson’s convictions for God’s people are a lot like her own testimony. She understands she’s called to deliver, restore and disciple those who were counted out, dismissed, discredited, under estimated, judged and given up on.

A native of Norfolk, Virginia, Co-Pastor Shimica Jackson earned an Associate’s Degree in Occupational Science with a concentration in Computer Network Management from Beta Tech and also attended Virginia Commonwealth University for Business Administration. Co-Pastor Jackson is a veteran of the U. S. Army. After serving 9 years GOD instructed her to walk away. Honorably, she did and her journey with CHRIST shifted to a faith walk much like Abram being instructed to leave his familiar and trust GOD’S leading. 


Because Co-Pastor Shimica Jackson acknowledges that she has the Holy Ghost advantage she has been able to accomplish things she had no prior knowledge of. As she continues to walk with the Spirit of GOD and obey HIS voice, nothing is unattainable. 


Co-Pastor Shimica Jackson is honored by a husband who is a man after GOD’S own heart, Pastor Marlon Jackson. She is blessed with four wonderful children, stepdaughter Brittany,  stepson Nicholas, Falcon and Sparrow, daughter in law Anna and grandson Noah .